About HouseCall Labs

At HouseCall labs our mission is to provide easily accessible quality laboratory testing and support to the patient.

housecall labs advanced laboratory testing

Laboratory science is advancing rapidly and traditional medical institutions aren’t keeping up with it either because their rigid internal structure or limited insurance coverage. This means patients are missing out on crucial, cutting edge information about their disease and with it the opportunity to make significant improvements to their medical conditions.

Providing the latest test science has to offer to patient’s doorstep and using the latest technology in telemedicine we are empowering individuals to take control of their health. Our team of licensed experts are providing constant support in test ordering, sample collection and result interpretation, raising the user experience to the highest level.

Our test selection is based on extensive experience in functional medicine and functional testing. All the test provided by HouseCall labs are clinically validated and scientifically proven from renowned laboratories such as Doctor’s Data, Cyrex Labs, Precision Analytical, Genova Diagnostics, Quintron, Quicksilver Labs and Great Plains Laboratories.