In June I’ve met Chris Kresser in Stocholm and asked him a few questions.

Question 5: What do you think will shape the next two decades in healthcare?

Next question: Why is our health declining?

Question 4: Is there any particular case you will never forget?

Question 3: What is functional medicine really good at? Whom can it help most?

Question 2: Could you tell us maybe what’s the main difference between functional medicine and the modern allopathic medicine?

Question 1: How did you get interested in Functional Medicine?

Transcript: Interview with Chris Kresser Q5 What do you think will shape the next two decades in healthcare?

SANDI: There’s a lot going on in the field of health care and medicine right now. What do you think will shape the next two decades in health care?

CHRIS: I think we’re gonna see a shift toward functional medicine because people are gonna realize that that’s really the only hope we have of resolving the current crisis. I mean in the US now there’s a tremendous debate about, you know a so-called Obamacare and whether, you know and the current administration is trying to repeal certain aspects of it but I actually think that’s a distraction, because not, neither of those systems will work they’re both doomed to fail because they don’t address the fundamental cause of the problem. It’s like rearranging the furniture on the Titanic as it’s sinking.

You know we need to get off the ship entirely and get in a lifeboat and that lifeboat is a functional medicine approach. Because again if chronic disease is the biggest problem that we face, which it absolutely is, then we need an approach to health care that actually can prevent and reverse chronic disease instead of just putting band-aids on it so I think one way or the other; there’s the less painful way which is making a progressive change in that direction or there’s the more painful way of just waiting until the whole system falls apart and we have no choice. But I think either way, I know what I would prefer but I you know I’m not sure how it’s gonna happen but I think we’re gonna end up in the same place one way or the other.

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