In June I’ve met Chris Kresser in Stocholm and asked him a few questions.

Question 7: You have a new book coming out. Tell us more what it will be about.

Next question: What are your newest projects?

Question 6: Why is our health declining?

Question 5: What do you think will shape the next two decades in healthcare?

Question 4: Is there any particular case you will never forget?

Question 3: What is functional medicine really good at? Whom can it help most?

Question 2: Could you tell us maybe what’s the main difference between functional medicine and the modern allopathic medicine?

Question 1: How did you get interested in Functional Medicine?

Transcript: Interview with Chris Kresser Q7 You have a new book coming out. Tell us more what it will be about.

SANDI: You’ve also written a book, The paleo cure. I know you’re writing another one. Could you tell us more about it, how it will differ from the first one and when it will be finished?

CHRIS: Sure it’s called Unconventional medicine and whereas the paleo cure was really focused on diet lifestyle behaviour change that we need to reverse that mismatch that we talked about, Unconventional medicine argues that chronic disease is the biggest challenge we face by far and that conventional medicine has not only completely failed to address it, it’s actually contributing to the problem in many ways. And because of the paradigm that it’s based on it has no hope of addressing it, no matter what changes we make within that paradigm.

So I present a completely different paradigm of medicine that’s based on functional medicine. A genetically aligned or species appropriate diet and lifestyle and then a 21st century hybrid collaborative practice model that uses the latest technology to automate things that can be automated and provide like a higher level of patient care and greater satisfaction for health care practitioners. I just actually turned in the final draft and so the current release date is going to be in early November.

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