In June I’ve met Chris Kresser in Stocholm and asked him a few questions.

Question 9: One thing you would like everybody to remember…

Question 8: What are your newest projects?

Question 7: You have a new book coming out. Tell us more what it will be about.

Question 6: Why is our health declining?

Question 5: What do you think will shape the next two decades in healthcare?

Question 4: Is there any particular case you will never forget?

Question 3: What is functional medicine really good at? Whom can it help most?

Question 2: Could you tell us maybe what’s the main difference between functional medicine and the modern allopathic medicine?

Question 1: How did you get interested in Functional Medicine?

Transcript: Interview with Chris Kresser Q9 One thing you would like everybody to remember…

SANDI: So for the end, if there would be one thing you would like everybody to remember, what would it be?

CHRIS: Just that we’re in charge, we’re in control of our health and I think that’s a one of the biggest shifts that’s happened over the past 50, 75 years is, we’ve become kind of passive recipients of health care. We have the idea that we go to the doctor and the doctor gives us medication and that’s what’s going to make us healthier, prevent us from getting worse. But the reality is that we need to take more responsibility for our own health and we need to pay more attention to how we eat, how we move, how we sleep, how we manage our stress, our relationships and all of these things.

Because, I think it’s pretty clear now that the conventional medicine paradigm is not going to save us. I think that’s actually good news because as I’m sure you’ve experienced, when we do take charge of our own health, it has a lot of benefits above and beyond just preventing and reversing disease. We feel more energetic, we can accomplish more at work, we perform better in our athletics, we’re happier, we have better relationships, we just feel better in our bodies. So I think, this is the message that I want people to get, that it’s a joyful experience to take charge of your health and it’s something we absolutely need to do if we want to live a long and healthy life.

SANDI: Yeah it’s like people forgot how it feels when they feel good actually.

CHRIS: Yes, I agree.

SANDI: Okay thank you very much Chris, hopefully we’ll see you in Slovenia one day.

CHRIS: That would be great.

SANDI: Yeah it’s really a nice and small country you’ll feel welcome there.

CHRIS: I bet.

SANDI: Thank you


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