In June I’ve met Chris Kresser in Stocholm and asked him a few questions.

Question 1: How did you get interested in Functional Medicine?

Transcript: Interview with Chris Kresser Q1 How did you get interested in Functional Medicine?

“>>SANDI:” Hello everyone, I’m sitting here with Chris Kresser today. One of the most renowned functional medicine practitioners. He is the founder of CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE AND THE ADAPT FRAME WORK, a web based educational platform for functional medicine practitioners. Hi Chris. I have to say I’m really excited about this here today, so thank you for accepting the invitation. I’ve been following your work for years now, and I just have to say wow it’s really amazing, all the things that you’ve done. But first could you tell us how you came in contact with functional medicine, what’s your story.

“>>CHRIS:” Well thank you Sandi. It’s a pleasure to be here with you. My story began when I was travelling around the world. In my early 20’s, after I graduated from college. I was in Indonesia, doing some surfing, and I got really sick there with a tropical illness. And I was able to recover very quickly from the acute phase of that disease or illness, but it evolved into 10 year chronic complex illness. It took me quite a while to recover from and during that process, I began to explore many of the concepts that have now become part of my work and they helped me to recover my own health. And through that process people around me started to ask me questions you know for help and advice. I eventually decided to formalize that practice, by going back to school and studying integrative medicine and then I became interested in functional medicine, while I was still a student and one thing led to another from there.

“>>SANDI:” That’s almost kinda like my story, I also was sick, and then got better and became interested in functional medicine.

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