Frequently Asked Questions about Laboratory testing

Shipping (4)

This varies according to the laboratory. Most labs are US based but have collection centers in the UK. You don’t need to worry about returning the samples as we have taken the responsibility to organize the return shipping for you. A courier will pickup the samples at your home and deliver them in time to the laboratory.

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Most of the samples are stable from 4 to 8 days so there is enough time to get them to the lab. Some samples do have to be delivered overnight and we have taken care that this process goes smoothly. You will get detailed instructions how to prepare the samples and when to call the courier to pick them up. From then on, we will take care that the samples are delivered correctly and on time.

In the case of urine only DUTCH tests you will send the samples on your own as they are stable for at least 21 days and can be shipped in a regular envelope.

You should create your return label under your account once you know when you will be returning the samples. If you lost your label please log into your account at and find it under your orders.

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It depends. Test going to the same laboratory (or collection center) can be sent using combined shipping. If you have selected combined shipping, then you have to pack them in the same bag (optionally you can tape the boxes together into one package).

If you need to use separate shipping (for instance you decided to do tests on different days) then you can order it through our web shop (search for return shipping).

Else we have made sure you won’t get combined shipping for test that can’t be combined. All information on combined shipping is in the instructions file you get when you order the test.

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