SIBO test. SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is the cause for many problems, a lot of which are seemingly unrelated to the intestine. Intestinal malfunctions often mean health issues for the whole body. Because there are different kinds of SIBO and different stages of overgrowth you need to get tested in order to have a successful treatment.


QuinTron is a laboratory used by all renowned doctors around the world, as it is extremely accurate and one of the few that tests both hydrogen and methane at regular, 20-minute intervals for full 3 hours.

The test is easy and can be done comfortably at home (or even on the go if necessary). The gathered samples are sent to a laboratory in England.

What is SIBO breath test?

Intestinal bacteria when encountering carbohydrates eat them in a process called fermentation. Through fermentation hydrogen and methane are formed. When you exhale, the SIBO test measures amounts of these gasses in your breath. Based on the obtained results it is possible to deduce where and what kind of bacteria is located in the intestine.

Studies have shown that around 80% of people with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) actually have SIBO.

Reasons to test for SIBO

Most common symptoms are:

  • nausea,
  • gas,
  • diarrhoea,
  • constipation,
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),
  • malnutrition,
  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis,
  • leaky gut,
  • chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia,
  • heartburn and reflux (GERD),
  • blush,
  • restless legs syndrome (RLS),
  • celiac disease and diverticulitis.

SIBO testing procedure

You receive the test via mail. The package contains all needed accessories: a device for exhaling air into the tubes, 10 vacuum-enclosed tubes and a single dose of lactulose (or glucose if selected), as well as all instructions and labels to mark the samples. Personalized instructions for your specific case are also enclosed.

When you are ready you fill the test tubes with samples of your exhaled air, mark them and pack them back into the same box they came in. By arrangement, samples will be picked up by a special mail courier that expressly transports biological samples. All these steps are organized and taken care of by me, they mean no additional work for you.

When the laboratory receives your samples, they are tested for hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. You will receive the results within the next 14 days.

Based on test analysis I receive information about your condition and then suggest a protocol to remove the bacteria and restore the proper intestinal flora.

Is the testing difficult and does it require any special preparations?

easy sampler

Testing is easy. All you have to do is blow into a special device with a bag and attachment for the vacuum tubes. You insert a tube into the device while blowing. The tube fills itself automatically.

You need to mark all samples with your personal data and sample number along with time and date.

It is that easy.

The test requires some preparations however. You are not allowed to consume probiotics and eat probiotic food, take antibiotics, laxatives and experience unexplained diarrhoea a few days before and during testing. Also some other medications may cause problems so you get a list of those included in instructions.

One day before the test, you must keep a strict diet, which does not mean you will be hungry, only that some kinds of foods must be rigorously limited, as they may affect test results. Here too, you get precise instructions on what you can eat on the last day. And do not worry, it’s just one day.

You must perform the test on an empty stomach, meaning you are not allowed to eat 12h beforehand (overnight fast). And so the test begins. Breathe in the first tube, then drink the enclosed lactulose (glucose). Refill a new test tube every 20 minutes. The test lasts for 3 hours.

If any problems occur during the test I am always here to help you.

What do the SIBO test results look like?

SIBO test rezultati

Test results come in the form of a chart. It displays content of hydrogen, methane of each sample and the carbon dioxide status which serves as a security marker showing weather the sample was collected correctly.

The quantities of methane and hydrogen are then drawn in the form of a graph for easier interpretation. Interpretation of the test is not easy, as several physiological factors of the patient must be considered. Therefore, the interpretation by the computer is impossible and rarely accurate. But do not worry, I will take care of the interpretation of the test and explain it to you in detail.

What to expect after you get the SIBO test results?

The results will tell where and which bacteria is in your intestines. If the wrong bacteria are found in your small intestines or you are experiencing bacterial overgrowth you will receive an explicit protocol of natural food supplements and a diet, adjusted specially for you and your test results.

If necessary, antibiotics are occasionally used, but only if the natural protocol is not successful.

Finished protocol is followed by the same test to make sure your intestine is now clean. It is crucial to complete this step because the symptoms may vanish before all actual bacteria does. This is why it is necessary to re-test, it would be a pity to waste an entire treatment just because you finished the protocol a bit too early. The treatment of SIBO is very effective but only if the intestine is completely cleansed and the original cause for overgrowth is removed.

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