Shipping to the lab

Once you have collected the samples you will have to send them back to the lab.

Here you can check your return shipping availability and costs. Simply fill in your location and select a test to get a quote and delivery times.

Return shipping address

Select test

  • Cyrex Labs Common Foods Sensitivity (Array 10)
  • Cyrex Labs Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods (Array 4)
  • Cyrex Labs Gluten Intolerance test (Array 3)
  • Cyrex Labs Leaky gut test (Array 2)

  • DUTCH Complete (Stress & Sex hormones)

  • Comprehensive stool analysis + parasitology
  • SIBO breath test

Availability and quote

Please enter your information on the left and select a test on the right to get shipping times and prices from your location to the laboratory.